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Discussion in 'TrojanSports Podcast' started by Adam Maya, Oct 31, 2018.

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    I bet the Alabama fans are happy that they jettisoned David Shula. I bet the Michigan fans were happy that they jettisoned Brady Hoke.

    I just don't see how this team will ever be better without tough practices. We are last in the P12 in 3rd down % with the highest level of talent. I don't buy the "we have a freshman QB". There are other schools that start freshmen QBs and they do fine. Plus, why weren't Sears or Fink ready? Why wasn't our veteran line with 3 seniors and two former 5 star recruits (Edoga/Jackson) ready? Why is our rushing terrible? We have a former 5 star recruit in Stephen Carr, a senior in Acedric Ware and a 4 star stud in Malapei, who we stole from Oregon on the last day.

    We are #1 in the p12 in penalities. #1. This is coaching. If a player has a personal foul, sit him for a series. Do something.

    Why aren't our tight ends doing well? Falo was a 4 star stud who decided to come here instead of Oregon. Tyler Petite was a four star tight end who chose us over Duke. it would be nice to have Cary Austustine, yet Baxter ran him off.

    Yet, the thing that really grinds my gears and is the reason that I can't stand Clay Helton and this staff is the preparation for the Cotton Bowl Game and ND last year. Ohio State used all of their practices and practiced in pads. We didn't.

    Clay loses to nearly every regional power outside the P12 south. USC is about national championships and the weakness of the P12 and the P12 south allows a good coach the opportunity to crush it and win titles. Not Clay though.

    Deer in the headlights Clay.

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